UPVC products are used for water supply, irrigation, watering, swimming pool systems, chemical industry, food industry, etc.

Intended use

  • For bonding thermoplastic pressure piping systems made of rigid PVC (potable water, gas) – complies with EN 1452
  • Suitable for pressureless pipe systems (waste water) – complies with EN 1329
  • For assembly and repair work (e.g. on drain-pipes)
  • Ideally suited for the structural bonding of PVC boards or tiles (e.g. drip pans, casings)


  • Long open time of 4 minutes
  • Excellent gap-bridging capability
  • Maximum leak protection

Product Dimensions

076/500ml 500ml HP Glue
076/250ml 250ml HP Glue
076/100ml 100ml HP Glue

Technical Data

Easy bonding, even of larger dimensions
Meets the requirements of DIN EN 14814 and DIN EN 14680
Excellent Gap Bridging Capabilities

Temperature range:

0°C to + 60°C.

Suitable Applications:

125 g tubes,