Hose fittings (Insert Fittings), at least one side are used to join two or more pieces of piping (hosing, tubing) together. Hose fittings are commonly used in the agriculture & irrigation industry.

Product Dimensions

Dimensions Table

205/0020x001520 x 15
205/0025x001525 x 15
205/0025x002025 x 20
205/0032x001532 x 15
205/0032x002032 x 20
205/0032x002532 x 25
205/0040x001540 x 15
205/0040x002040 x 20
205/0040x002540 x 25
205/0040x003240 x 32
205/0050x001550 x 15
205/0050x002050 x 20
205/0050x002550 x 25
205/0050x003250 x 32
205/0050x004050 x 40

Technical Data

Temperature Rating:
0°C – +50°C

Suitable Applications: